Frequently asked questions

1. What are your clothing recommendations? Wear whatever you feel good in. Just make sure it compliments your figure and personal style. As a photographer I prefer simple, soild colors that draw attention to your face. However, the final decision is totally up to you. Remember, simplicity works. Some shots will be close-up, others will be full length. Plan outfits completely. Feel free to bring accessories and props that define who you are.

2. For group photos, should our clothes match? Not everyone has to wear indentical clothes, it works but doesn't have to be done. If you choose light colored tops, then everyone should wear light colored tops. If you choose to wear dark pants, then everyone should wear dark colored pants. Try to avoid bright colors or clothing with logos or large emblems.

3. What clothes will photograph best for my child? Remember to keep it simple, the more complex the outfit the more likely something will be out of place in the photo. Select outfits that don't compete with your child or draw attention away from their face. Strong primary colors are not always the best because they draw the attention away from your child. Same holds true for high contrast colors such as black and white. The rule of thumb is dark colors together and light colors together, midtones can go with both. Patterns are fine as long as they are subdued.

4. How long until I can view my proofs online? Proofs will be posted in your online gallery 1 week after your portrait session.

5. When I order prints how long will it take for me to receive my order? Please allow at least 2 weeks for your order.

6. Do you offer retouching (blemish removal ect)? Yes! Retouching is done. Let me know what you want and I will take care of it for you.

7. Do we have to come to you or are you willing to come to a place of our chosing for photos? I am willing to work with you if you have a special place you feel would make your photos unique. Whether it be in my neck of the woods or yours, we will find the perfect spots to reach your desired look.

Please feel free to call me with any question, comments or concerns.

Thank-you for choosing KW Photos.